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* Do you know what the DNS outage is?

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DNS outage (DNS downtime) refers to the period of time while your domain name is not reachable for a particular reason. The resolution process is essential for accessing your domain name. So, if DNS fails, the approach to translating it to its IP address won't be possible.

Let's illustrate how that actually happens.

  • The user sends a DNS query for a domain name
  • Yet, the DNS recursive server will respond with the old IP address from its cache memory, which will not resolve.
  • In other circumstances, it will attempt to ask the DNS authoritative name server of the domain name and won't receive an answer.

It is crucial to avoid DNS downtime. During the period of time your website is unreachable for the users, you could lose many potential customers, and the rating of your website could be affected.

It may be best to implement some of the good practices and make sure you stay away from DNS outages. For example, some of them are implementing Secondary DNS service or Load balancing.

In case you are interested and want to learn more, we suggest you find out what causes DNS outage!