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At the first sitting of the newly formed City of Sydney Council on Monday night, a motion was passed that will allow regional communities throughout New South Wales to benefit from a knowledge sharing initiative when it comes to tech startups.

Independent Councillor Angela Vithoulkas, who recently began her second term as an elected civic leader, put forward the motion. Vithoulkas suggested that the City of Sydney share its knowledge and expertise to help startup communities in other local government areas (LGAs) across both metropolitan and regional New South Wales.

The motion was passed unanimously in what also happened to be the evening of many first sittings for LGA’s across the country – including Sydney.

“There’s no doubt that the City of Sydney is the startup capital of Australia, with 64 percent of Australia’s startups located in the LGA,” said Councillor Vithoulkas.

“The Council has done extensive work in supporting and nurturing that community, including the development of the Tech Startups Action Plan that continues to guide our way forward. The knowledge we have gathered along the way should be shared with other Councils and local government areas to continue to drive development and innovation right across NSW.”

Councillor Vithoulkas specifically highlighted the City of Wagga Wagga as a regional area that is embracing innovation and supporting local startups, an acknowledgement that was recognised by fellow councillors. The Lord Mayor will formally acknowledge the City of Wagga Wagga for its role in supporting innovation in its LGA, including the Wagga Wagga Council’s support of this very initiative and platform, Silicon Paddock.

Speaking at the launch of Silicon Paddock, Wagga Wagga Mayor Greg Conkey made mention in his speech that he hoped to position Wagga Wagga as a leader when it comes to forging a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership with the City of Sydney around technology and innovation driven businesses.

“From my point of view, it would be absolutely fantastic to build up a relationship between the our two cities,” he said.

The Chief Executive Office of the City of Sydney will work with Local Government NSW to share the City’s knowledge, research and networks.  Local Government NSW will then be able to promote these initiatives to all Councils across NSW.

“The City of Sydney has shown strong leadership in this area and their knowledge should be shared and strong relationships developed right across NSW.  I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of this initiative and its impact in regional Australia over the coming months,” Councillor Vithoulkas said.

Featured Image: Councillor Angela Vithoulkas | Source: Supplied

Attached below is a copy of the Notice of Motion from Monday evening. 

Notice of Motion.


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