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There was a time when the local library was part of the social fabric of every Australian community, however over the years budget constraints and decreased government funding have seen many shut down – particularly across regional Australia.

After recently moving to the mid-north coast of NSW for a ‘tree-change’ and buying a small farm with her husband, entrepreneur Alison Joyce noticed a significant lack of options when it came to purchasing or hiring her kids quality books for children.

“Living in a rural area, our access to books decreased dramatically,” said Joyce.

“They are closing down [libraries] in smaller towns. I have three children under five and they love to read, but I couldn’t keep up with the demand.”

This demand led Joyce to launch Little Pages, a subscription business for children’s books. The company provides users with a variety of membership plans to choose from, where they are delivered a particular number of children’s books at particular intervals throughout the year.

There are three different membership plans available, a one month plan for $30 per month, a six month plan billed every six months at $27 per month, and a 12 month plan billed annually at a cost of $25 per month.

During the sign up process users fill in information about their children and then the two books that are delivered each month are selected based on the child’s gender, age and development stage, starting from first words and picture books for babies right through to imagination-inspiring stories for school starters. Users are also able to register a Little Pages membership as a gift through the site.

“Our aim is to help families with young children spend more quality time reading beautiful books together. Nouk gives these families the foundations they need to establish positive reading habits with their children,” said Joyce.

The startup has recieved a lot of positive feedback already from parents using the platform.

“The feedback is that there is an energy and excitement on receiving their parcel each month which transpires into reading the new books with added enthusiasm,” said Joyce.

“It’s a lovely feeling knowing that the contribution has an educational benefit as well.”

Featured Image: Alison Joyce | Source: Supplied | Photo Credit: Braden Fastier / Newsphotos


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