About Silicon Paddock



The next tech unicorn company might be born in regional Australia.

Silicon Paddock is the launch of Startup Daily’s new sister site. Our online paddock aims to capture regional startups and innovators in the small business space.

You’re an AgriTech company daring to do with drones. You’re the owner of the local butchers leveraging digital technologies to upscale. Whatever the nature of your big idea, you’re ripe for representation on this media platform.

There are over 1.3 million businesses across regional Australia. Although 95% of their owners have access to the internet, only 48% of them have an online presence. With the rollout of the NBN and advancements in technology, regional Australia is more connected than ever. Now’s the time for entrepreneurs to think globally.

Silicon Paddock will wear two hats in driving a culture that embraces the digital economy throughout regional Australia. Firstly, our content amplifies stories of country-based entrepreneurs, tethering these businesses to the wider startup and national tech scene, government and corporates. Secondly, we provide snackable, straight-forward educational content to enable you to complete daily tasks and learn new systems and processes.

The Silicon Paddock Festival is our flagship event; the first Tech Conference of its kind in the country. International speakers and well known Australian entrepreneurs will be paired with our passion for rural and indigenous culture as well as great country music.

We’re excited to bring the world to Regional Australia and Regional Australia to the world.

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