American gambling and roulette in the 21st century

In many halls of casinos located in the U.S., and there are about a thousand and a half, today you can see roulette gaming tables. There are not as many slot machines. Only 2% of visitors to casinos in America play roulette, while the slot machines attract more than 30% of gamblers. Even fewer gamblers want to leave their money at the roulette casino, preferring the European option with a better chance of winning.

But still, there are always fans to try their luck on the “damn wheel” (American roulette, European roulette), choosing their game strategy and experimenting with bets. And even more of those who, for the first time in the casino, certainly want to test the theory of “newcomers luck. And roulette is most suitable for this: the simple rules of American roulette are studied at the same speed as the ball rotates on the wheel.

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Retaining American roulette, the casino offers its players other options. So in 2004, a new version of American roulette was legalized, called California roulette. This roulette wheel game does not use slots with numbers, but 38 cards with numbers from 1 to 36, Zero and Double Zero. The winning card is shown by the dealer when the wheel stops on the pointer.

To speed up the process of playing roulette, an electronic roulette was created (for the first time in an Australian Crown Casino), where bets are placed using special displays, but the game itself is still traditional for American roulette – table, wheel, ball, a croupier.

Modern legislation governing gambling in the United States restricts gambling business in the country. Below is a list of cities, territories where gambling is legal.

Roulette in the west of the USA

Reno, Nevada is the first city in the United States where casinos were legalized in 1931 after a long ban. The oldest casinos in Reno are Mapes Hotel, Fitzgerald’s Nevada Club, Primadonna, Horseshoe Club, Harold’s Club, Palace Club. Before Las Vegas “ripped out” the palm tree of the championship, Reno was considered the gaming capital of the United States. Since the late 1950s, Reno is losing its position in the gaming business as well because of the rapid development of Indian casinos in the states. Now most casinos in Reno do not have large gaming rooms, but apparently the comfort of these small casino clubs and attract many players. Spark Nugget Casino is famous for its hospitality, where the halls with board games also have roulette.

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Mecca of gaming and entertainment in the U.S. today. Starting in 1941 with nine thousand playing casinos in Las Vegas, twenty years later the city has increased this number to sixty-four thousand a year. El Rancho Vegas is the first casino in Las Vegas, construction of which began in 1940, and in 1941 the casino opened its doors to players. The casino’s gaming room had 4 tables for table games (blackjack, dice, and roulette) plus 70 slot machines, but in 1947 it was the largest casino in Nevada. Unfortunately, El Rancho Vegas was destroyed by fire in 1960 and ceased to exist. The largest casinos that appeared between 46 and 63 years: Flamingo, Sahara, Sands, Riviera, Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Binion’s Horseshoe. Gambling business in Las Vegas began to gain momentum in the 50s of the 20th century with the development of organized crime in the postwar period. Now Las Vegas is the world’s largest gambling center with more than 80 casinos offering slot machines, bingo lotteries, traditional casino board games including American roulette.

Carson City, Nevada, is a small town located thirty miles south of Reno but licensed as gaming business. The largest complex with cinema, restaurants, and casinos belongs to Casino Fandango, launched in July 2003. Of course, there are gaming tables with American roulette in this casino as well.
Casino Fandango, Carson City.