House Rules for Paddock Chat

Paddock Chat is a place for regional business owners and startups to come together, shoot the shit, and find out what’s driving regional entrepreneurship. Everyone is welcome and, of course, we encourage good quality banter and classic country humour – but we also want to make sure that everyone in the group, no matter their gender identity, racial background, sexual orientation or any other differences that make them an awesome human being, are not discriminated against and feel safe to contribute to all discussion and debate taking place on this page.

Paddock Chat is moderated by the team at Silicon Paddock and although generally we encourage entrepreneurs to break rules and create new ones to continue driving Australia forward, we ask that you respect and abide by this small list of  house rules so Paddock Chat is a great experience for everyone that joins the community.

Paddock Rules

(1) Debate ideas and subjects, not people. We love people that are passionate about issues in their community, especially when it comes to technology and business, but let’s keep a focus on the problem and solving that instead of getting personal.

Politicians, and those that run community organisations where a lot of the issues that may arise can stem from, are people too and have family and friends that may be part of this group; they deserve to feel included, not isolated.

(2) If you would not say it or show it to your mother, father, or guardian than it is probably not appropriate to be posting it on the Paddock Chat wall.

(3) We love a bit of a flaming galah with a cracker of a story to tell, but please make sure that if it is not your own personal story to tell that you keep it to yourself. The group joker may be comfortable with their mates knowing everything about them but might not feel the same towards that information being public knowledge.

(4) Share business stories, major wins, ideas, and issues but remember that the purpose behind Paddock Chat is to support and encourage each other – it is not a place to sell your products, programs, or services. However, asking for opinions on things like products, logos, websites, strategies etc is perfectly fine.

(5) Trolls are not welcome in the Paddock – if we see one we will set the virtual cattle dogs onto you to round you up and put you in the shed for a timeout.

(6) If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. This is a quote from Thumper’s mother in the Walt Disney classic ‘Bambi’ – you never thought the most important rule of the Paddock was going to be the words of a cartoon rabbit now, did you?

(7) Look, we love swearing here at Silicon Paddock as much as you do but we are also aware that it is not for everyone, so before you go to drop an F-bomb or C-bomb in your post – stop – then ask yourself, “What alternate phrase would Alf Stewart, one of the busiest fictional regional entrepreneurs of our time as a caravan park owner, bottle shop owner, bait shop owner, general store owner, co-owner of the Beachside Diner and Surf Club committee member, say instead?” – then use that word.

(8) Paddock Rules are Paddock Rules. If after a warning you continue to make the Paddock a horrible experience for anyone, we will remove you.


The Paddock Chat admin team can be contacted directly at

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