Dice – the main game accessory for various games of dice. The dice received their name from the first materials from which they were made.

Dice for casinos

A set of perfect or professional dice for casinos. Made of transparent acrylic with an infusion of white indexes; face size – 19 mm, cost about $ 25 per set of five dice.

Traditional or classic dice are hexagonal dice with indexes (combinations of dots) on faces, which symbolize numbers from one to six. The correct marking of the dice suggests that the sum of the opposite sides should be seven:

  • 1 against 6.
  • 2 against 5
  • 3 against 4

In various gambling games can be used to roll from one to five dice. Some games assume that the game uses common dice for all players. And there are games where each player can give their dice.

For casinos, these bones are made with straight edges and by hand to achieve a high degree of dimensional accuracy. What for? To ensure that the ideal cubic shape does not affect the character of the game, because such facets give an equidistant loss of different facets. Such dice for casinos are called perfect.

One of the most popular games with dice in American casinos – craps. It uses perfect perfect dice, which are tested and repeated. In manufacturing, each one is numbered.