Paddock Chat

As they travel throughout regional Australia exploring how the digital economy is being leveraged by rural communities the team at Silicon Paddock sit down for a cuppa or a cold one with some of the nations most under recognised business mavens.

These quality yarns are unfiltered, utterly engaging and demonstrate that you don’t have to live in the big smoke to turn a profit and be a player in the global market.

You just need to have a crack.

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Image: Heidi Sandstrom

Latest Episode

Episode One: Di Sommerville

In this episode host Mat Beeche talks with Di Somerville about her experience of going from thrashing around billion dollar warships to living back to the country after falling in love with a farmer. We also explore the idea of professional identity and the struggles rural entrepreneurs go through such as imposter syndrome.

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In a town of just 2,000 people a local bakery has annual revenues of over $16 million the owner is also a published author, the punchline – he was a kindergarten dropout. A farmers wife buys a local dress shop and decides to open an online store as another sales channel, she now turns over more than $25 million a year and is the second biggest employer in her region. These are business stories from the bush that show being the big fish in a small pond can be a catalyst for re-shaping an entire community.